How to Hack Gmail with the Plus Sign

Your Gmail Address is Actually 1,000,000 Email Addresses-in-One

So you have a Gmail address - you know, the free email resource Google offers that gives you a slew of features like chat options, contacts management, cloud storage - and you love it. But did you know that the email address you have is actually many emails in one? Featured in the Gmail tips for intermediate / master level Google Mail users, Google offers a tip that can help you stay organized - all within your single Gmail account.


1 Gmail Address – 1 Million Variations

Under the Gmail Tutorial "Use different task-specific email addresses without creating new accounts or aliases," Google lets you in on a little Gmail secret using the "+" sign. Yeah - it's more than just an addition sign when it comes to your Google email account. If you take your Gmail address - let's use [] for an example - and you add the plus sign after "example" and before "@" you've created a Gmail alias. So that means [] is the same email address as []. Why would you need this? Often times Gmail users find their inboxes chock full of too many emails and not enough time to read them. By implementing the alias feature, you can setup filters to make sure emails get to where they need to.

Real Life Example: 

Let's say you've taken up an interest in learning more about bulldogs and bulldog care. You want to register for a few newsletters; however, you'd like to save your inbox for more important emails. You set up your Gmail alias to read [] and you go to Gmail's Settings (top right corner - the gear icon), select "Settings" and click on "Filters and Blocked Addresses." Select "Create a New Filter" and here you can setup your Gmail so that any incoming emails to [] are put into a folder titled "Bulldog News" and kept our of your primary inbox view. Now - future you can leisurely peruse bulldog tips nicely organized in a filtered folder.

Now that you know this trick-of-the-trade, try it out for emails from your accountant, your handy online SEO company (coughs), or your loving significant other. Have filters forward important emails to third parties who need to see it ASAP - even before you have a chance to. There are endless tips and tricks with Gmail we'll cover in later posts, but the handy + feature will go a long way in keeping your inbox (and life) organized and easy-to-read.


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