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3 Steps – How to Connect your Personal LinkedIn Profile Page to your Public Company Page 2017

How to connect Your Personal LinkedIn Profile with your Employer’s Public LinkedIn Company Page (LinkedIn 2017)

Hey - I'm Corrie with Target Rocket and today we're going to run through three simple steps to connect your personal LinkedIn Profile to a company's public Linkedin Company Page. What this will do is allow your personal LinkedIn Profile to hyperlink to your current (or past) employers allowing you to better grow your Linkedin Network. It also allows people to access your profile through the company LinkedIn page (depending on your privacy settings).


So – back to the three simple steps to connect your profile with your company’s public page:

  1. Log into your LinkedIn Profile – yes this requires you to have already set that up (here's a link on how to create a LinkedIn profile 2017: http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-LinkedIn-Account). In the top right corner, you’ll click on your profile photo, click “View Profile” and it’ll take you to the editable version of your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Scroll down to your current employment – now, you can change the setup of your profile, so what I see may not be exactly what you see – just keep scrolling until you find the “Experience” header.
  3. Next to the company name and your title, click on the blue pencil. This opens up the experience editor. Under “Company” begin typing the company’s name as it appears on its LinkedIn Company page. For our example, the company Target Rocket appears as “Target Rocket” on its LinkedIn Company Page, so we’ll be typing that out the same way. As you type, LinkedIn will try to suggest companies with similar names – once your company auto populates, click on it to complete filling out the company name. If the company you’re looking for does not auto-populate, you’ve either typed the name in differently than it appears on LinkedIn, or the company page has not yet been created and will need to be before you can hyperlink to it.

Pro-Tip: in the same box, you can disable that changes have been made to your employment history by clicking this gray slide button. This will disable people in your network from seeing your profile updates - a good idea since you're not starting your job at a new company, just hyperlinking it correctly.

That’s it! Click the blue save button – this will finalize the connection between profile and company page. You can do this for past employers as well. It’s best practice and adds a nice company logo to your page rather than the default gray building.

Learn More About Target Rocket Northern Virginia SEO:

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