Use Google Trends for SEO

How to Use Google Trends for SEO

Using Google Trends to See When Your Clients are Looking to Spend Money

In a perfect world, our clients are always rearing and ready to shell out that cold, hard cash in exchange for the goods or services we’re offering. Also in a perfect world, they’re willing to pay double what we charge and want work started yesterday. Read More

How to Hack Gmail with the Plus Sign

Your Gmail Address is Actually 1,000,000 Email Addresses-in-One

So you have a Gmail address - you know, the free email resource Google offers that gives you a slew of features like chat options, contacts management, cloud storage - and you love it. But did you know that the email address you have is actually many emails in one? Featured in the Gmail tips for intermediate / master level Google Mail users, Google offers a tip that can help you stay organized - all within your single Gmail account.

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