Facebook Knows How You’ll Vote.

Facebook tracks everything you do both on and off of Facebook. If this is news to you, I take it you didn’t read through the Terms of Service you checked when making your free account (who did?).
From what phone you use to access Facebook and what kind of shopper you are all the way to your political views- they know it all. The phrase, “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” seems quite fitting when it comes to Facebook.

Not all that is bad though. If you are interested in certain things or shopping for a something specific, isn’t it good to see those Ads? I mean, I am not into sports so getting a deal off season tickets is wasted on me, but show me a pair of high heels and I’m all ears.

Facebook Advertisers (like myself) can use these data points and information in order to serve you specific Ads that you might find right up your alley. You get what you want by saving a little money off that office desk you were looking at and I get a sale to my store or a lead for my client. A winwin as some would call it.

You might say, “I don’t like that one bit! My information should be my information!” Well, why you can delete your Facebook and reclaim what is yours, you might not want to go that drastic. So, here is a way to clear some of that data from being targeted.

  1. (This is for mobile) Go to the three bars at the top left of your Facebook App
  2. Scroll down to Account Settings
  3. Scroll down to Ads
  4. Click “Your Information”
  5. Click “Review and Manage Your Categories”
  6. Check “US Politics” (for those of you in the US)

From here you can see what categories you fall into according to Facebook including how Facebook thinks you’ll vote. Mine has “Commuter,” which I can definitely agree with seeing how much time I sit in traffic every day, and that I have a Samsung phone (yes yes, I know you iPhone people…). You can click the three dots on the righthand side of each category to remove that specific category from the list. You can also turn off your relationship status and job title from being targeted as well.

Do I think it is a good idea to remove all the things from the list? No, for the simple fact that someone is still going to serve you an Ad, but now it won’t be very targeted to your interests. Is it creepy to see what they think you are? Sure is.

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