All About Facebook Messenger Updates in 2018

Facebook Messenger has been around for quite some time now and we probably all have used it at one time or another. As of January of this year, Facebook Messenger now has 1.3 billion people actively using the platform each month. I guess there are a lot of chatty-Cathys out there! There are now 200,000 active chat-bots on the platform, and you can now run Messenger Ads on Facebook. (Fun Fact: 500 billion emojis have been sent on Messenger thus far).

In any case, Messenger is big. David Marcus, Head of Messenger, came out recently and told us the updates that were coming in 2018. Here is what you can expect:

  • Real-time is going to grow in 2018. Facebook Messenger grew with its Video chat and Voice chat features in 2017, and it is only going to keep growing this year. Messenger saw just how important this feature was when times of crisis hit and people were able to contact loved ones using the feature (when the phone carriers failed to deliver). They also saw how many people were able to connect to those moments that mattered the most by using Real-time to be there for big moments they might not have been able to be apart of before. Keep an eye out for more features they will be adding to Real-time this year.
  • Group Chats are getting an upgrade. You can now send pictures in 4k and have the ability to upload video at lightning fast speeds (which will only get better in2018). The newest upgrade is Group Chat Group Lives (say that 5 times fast). You can now go Live with multiple people while in a Group chat. You can react to individual messages and also boot people out of the chat seamlessly (Bye, Felicia). Messenger is heading to a more visual future- and they aren’t apologizing for it!
  • Facebook Messenger wants to be your Customer Service Rep… Let me explain, Facebook Messenger wants to be your primary customer care channel in 2018. With more people opting to message a business about simple questions than calling them- Facebook Messenger is looking to take advantage of this in 2018. With the use of bots like ManyChat and Chatfuel, the ability to connect with a customer on the platform is only getting better.
  • They are shaking the bloat. Facebook Messenger is going to get fit for its summer bod this year. They did mention that they rushed to add so many functions and features that the platform became a little bloated and buggy. They are going to trim it down for ease of use and speed this year. (I should probably head to the gym too)
  • Have you seen the “M” when typing in Messenger? “M” is the slightly invasive feature known as Facebook’s AI-bot on Messenger. “M”, similar to Google Assist, can jump in the conversation to help you if it recognizes certain words and phrases. Anywhere from suggesting quick responses to the best Gif to use to totally drop-the-mic and win the conversation. Look for “M” upgrades throughout this year. “M” can also save the day. If you are chatting with someone that has a birthday that day- “M” will suggest you send a note. “M” is the superhero we never knew we wanted and we aren’t sure we need.

In any case, keep on eye out when it comes to Messenger. As people abandon their ringtones and go for easier ways to keep in contact with businesses and friends, Messenger will be a hot item in 2018.

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