Facebook News Feeds

Facebook News Feeds

Ever heard the term, “no two snowflakes are alike”? Well, no two Facebook News Feeds are alike either. It isn’t often that we get to look over someone else’s shoulder and see what pops up in their newsfeed, but I can almost guarantee you that what I see and what you see is totally different.

"Why am I Seeing This in my Facebook News Feed?"

Why is this? It has to do with a post’s Relevancy score that is given by one of Facebooks many, shall I say, complicated algorithms. The average Facebook user sees around 1,500 posts a day and each post has its own relevancy score that is tied specifically to that person. These scores take into account literally hundreds of different variables and from those, chooses posts that will cause you to either Like, click, share, comment or even hide it. On a post about a cute bulldog snoring loudly- Facebook would probably give me a higher Relevancy Score for that post than it would you because of how relevant it finds Bulldogs are to me. (note my cute bulldog, Ray, in the picture below)

Okay, so sometimes we see a post we like and we spend the time reading or watching the video in the post but we don’t actually take an action on that post. Does this mean that you will no longer see posts that you didn’t take an action on? Quite the opposite. Facebook tracks how long a post is being looked at in our news feeds so that it can send more of the same your way. Creepy, right?

Facebook wants its users to enjoy their experience on the site. The thought is that if we see things that peak our interest, the more likely we will come back to see more. After all, the more time we spend on Facebook, the more opportunity we have to see Ads.

With more than 1.5 million advertisers running 12 million active Facebook Ad campaigns daily- you don’t have to be a rocket science to see why Facebook has set it up its News Feed Algorithm this way.


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