What is Finsta

Finstas – What Are They?

No no, it isn’t another App… Finstagrams are actually the latest trend to hit the Instagram platform.

As I study Social Media for work, I enjoy discovering the latest trends and hashtags that have surfaced. Like most things in the digital age, the youngins' find them first and us old folk find out last. Here is was seems to be trending that parents should take note.

What are Finstas or Finstagrams?

So, what is a Finstagram you ask? Finstagrams are fake Instagram accounts (I never said it was a clever name) that have surfaced among the younger population. Supposedly, you have a primary Instagram account that you post all your beautifully taken Starbucks cup pictures and your carefully curated poses and the Finstagram is where you post your more candid shots that don’t involve too much planning.


Why have a Finstagram?

Finstagrams have become popular because it allows you to be, well… you. In a day and age where perfection is all that matters, teens feel the need to portray a perfect life to the outside world. Finstagrams allow them to be teens again. Filled with pictures of funny faces and what they are doing that day- it allows them to reconnect with their digital friends on a more personal level.

How do you make a Finstagram?

Well, there is nothing special about making a Finstagram. Just know that they are super private and don’t include your real name. You can only find them if they follow you first. This way only the people you WANT to see your posts can see your posts.

Why does this even matter?

Just like any social app- these accounts allow your kids access to more than just their friends. They can still be messaged by people you might not deem so trustworthy. Just keep in mind that your teens might have more than one account. Open the lines of communication with them and have a talk about safety on the internet.


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