Welcome to the list of Target Rocket’s most frequently asked questions. We want to make sure you know everything you need to know to make an informed decision about where you send your SEO work. Making this decision doesn’t come lightly – and that’s why we’re here to answer all of your questions and then some. Feel free to expand the questions below for an in depth answer.

Our perfect client is a small to medium sized well-established business owner typically in the service industry who offers services at a local client location. This means Target Rocket’s team of trained optimizers provide local SEO services to plumbers, electricians, cleaning and janitorial companies, and a bunch more service industries.

Ideally, our clients understand that marketing requires dollars and that those dollars are best spent being tracked and producing quantifiable leads. Interested in seeing if we’re a good marketing match? Check out our quote-free pricing or shoot us an email to learn more.

We offer web design on a case by case basis – if we feel that we can’t provide you enough value with your current website structure, we’ll recommend a website that can be built from the ground up with SEO in mind. Often times, starting fresh is a great way to update your online presence and knock out some stellar local SEO features at the same time.

If we feel that your business may need a website makeover, we offer a pay-as-you-grow payment plan spreading the cost of the redesign over the course of your SEO agreement (12 months minimum SEO agreement when the payment plan is selected).

Alternatively, we can make a landing page website completely separate from your current website and implement our best practices on that website. It will grow along side your current website and you pay a smaller monthly SEO amount to funnel the leads generated from that site to your phone. If you choose to end your partnership with Target Rocket (we hope not), we’ll take back the landing page and release you from any monthly fee associated with that page.

Big search engines like Google have a secret rule book by which they determine which websites are the best. When Google finds a great website, it moves that site onto the first page of its search results. So if XYZ Plumber has a great website, and your grandma is looking for a great plumber near her home, Google will show her XYZ Plumber’s website first.

While no one (but Google) knows exactly what the rule book says, there are ways to test and see what Google likes and hates. The practices that move websites to the first page of Google are considered “search engine optimization” – basically best practices to make site show up higher by providing “grandma” with the content she wants – in this case, a great plumber.

When your website is outfitted with SEO, Google sees your site as a better experience than your competition and moves you above them in search results. As your website climbs above your competitor’s site, you’ll begin seeing more leads from the internet. There are many complex rules and regulations that go into making this happen – and that’s what Target Rocket is for.

The only way you can guarantee the first spot on Google search results is through Google AdWords (those ads at the very top of a Google search denoted by a small green “Ad” icon). Those ads are called PPC or Pay-Per-Click ads meaning businesses who use them pay each time someone clicks to their website.

Ranking without paying for AdWords on Google is accomplished through organic, local SEO (search engine optimization). SEO causes your website to gradually climb through the search results above your competition and lasts as long as your website is actively implementing SEO best practices. Being ranked highly in organic search results (not paid ads) implies that a business is well established and provides great quality. Many competing companies are vying for the top spot on Google searches which is why having a great SEO team working on your website is vitally important.

At Target Rocket, we implement our secret SEO sauce to improve rankings on our client sites. We determine the best keywords for them and then outfit heir site to rank for those keywords and bring in leads. While we could never guarantee a top spot on a search result, it is our number one goal for our clients.

Yes – we have a minimum 4 month SEO contract. Why? A lot of work goes into SEO – especially in the beginning stages. While we implement, test, and tweak your web presence, we’ll need you to stick around while the search engines start recognizing these changes and moving your website up in the rankings. The initial 4-month contract is still paid monthly and after the completion of the 4 months, you can choose whether you’d like to continue with the Target Rocket team.

We have determined that within four months, we can provide your company with enough value to keep you around for years to come.

If you choose our second tier, no-quote pricing, you’ve opted in for local SEO and social media management. This means Target Rocket’s social media team will produce great content across social media channels best suited to turn “followers” into “paying fans.”

Target Rocket’s Social Media Management generates and disperses content posted across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Youtube. For a breakdown of what that means exactly, check out our Social Media Management service page.

At Target Rocket, we believe that a dollar spent is only as good as it is tracked. We provide monthly video updates and reports breaking down your website’s SEO for the past month. In these reports, we go through keyword movement, traffic increases or decreases, backlink profiles, content generation, and more. If you’ve chosen our SEO + Social package, you’ll also see reports for social progress through page reach, likes, etc.

That’s what we’re here for! Target Rocket has sites aimed on hitting your marketing goals. Want to increase your monthly bottom line? You can accomplish this with lead generating websites that convert – meaning they turn traffic into clients. Want to get more sign-ups to your offer emails? We can design your website to convert traffic into emails. Our goal is to help you reach yours – through search engine and website optimization.

Organic ranking takes time, pay-per-click ads are instant. Depending on your Target Rocket SEO package, your results can vary. When it comes to organic SEO, we start by knocking out the tasks that will get you the fastest results then move into more complex SEO that will take a longer time to implement. All-in-all we’re working on the concept that you want to know your money is actually working for you now – not in 12 months.

There are a lot of companies vying for your marketing dollars. Target Rocket sets itself apart by being an SEO firm that knows local service. We work to target keywords that will get you calls quickly – then grow those keywords to take over your competition. We have decades worth of SEO experience backing our claims of being a results-oriented search engine optimization company based in Northern Virginia.

Ready to get started? Check out our quote-free pricing to decide which package fits your needs.