Instagram Goes Back to Chronological – Kinda

It’s been a busy week for Instagram. Between the latest update of clickable accounts and hashtags in the bio to this latest (and dare I say greatest) update of them all.

Back in 2016, Instagram went from a news feed based on the chronological order of posts to a “user-based interest feed.” What is a user-based interest feed, you ask? Well, it is a feed made up of things that matter most to you. No two feeds were alike after this update... kind of like a snowflake in a way. Mine consists of funny memes and bulldogs and, well, yours consists of whatever Instagram feels you like the most. This was all a way to keep end users on the platform longer. Afer all, the longer you stay on the platform- the more ads they can serve you- the more likely you are to click on those ads and spend your money- and…well, the vicious cycle continued.

BUT, no one was a fan. People were being shown 3-day old posts and missing moments they wanted to be present for. Businesses were losing thousands of people with reach and engagement and some businesses Instagram business dried up overnight. Think about one day going from being in the eyes of thousands to maybe hundreds (if you were lucky). No bueno.

Instagram heard those cries this week and are adjusting accordingly. Now, we aren’t going pre-June/2016, but Instagram said that they were going to make sure newer posts appeared first in the feeds. They also realized that no one liked when their feed auto-updated and forced you back to the top of the feed leaving you searching for where you were so, no more of that. You can click a new button that will say, “New Posts” where you can determine the refresh rate of your feed.

They also said that new updates will be rolled out in the coming months so stay tuned.

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