What is Finsta

Finstas – What Are They?

No no, it isn’t another App… Finstagrams are actually the latest trend to hit the Instagram platform.

As I study Social Media for work, I enjoy discovering the latest trends and hashtags that have surfaced. Like most things in the digital age, the youngins' find them first and us old folk find out last. Here is was seems to be trending that parents should take note.

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All About Facebook Messenger Updates in 2018

Facebook Messenger has been around for quite some time now and we probably all have used it at one time or another. As of January of this year, Facebook Messenger now has 1.3 billion people actively using the platform each month. I guess there are a lot of chatty-Cathys out there! There are now 200,000 active chat-bots on the platform, and you can now run Messenger Ads on Facebook. (Fun Fact: 500 billion emojis have been sent on Messenger thus far). Read More

Use Google Trends for SEO

How to Use Google Trends for SEO

Using Google Trends to See When Your Clients are Looking to Spend Money

In a perfect world, our clients are always rearing and ready to shell out that cold, hard cash in exchange for the goods or services we’re offering. Also in a perfect world, they’re willing to pay double what we charge and want work started yesterday. Read More

Facebook News Feeds

Facebook News Feeds

Ever heard the term, “no two snowflakes are alike”? Well, no two Facebook News Feeds are alike either. It isn’t often that we get to look over someone else’s shoulder and see what pops up in their newsfeed, but I can almost guarantee you that what I see and what you see is totally different.

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Download Email Addresses LinkedIn

7 Steps to Download LinkedIn Connection’s Email Addresses in 2017 (for FREE)

How to Download your LinkedIn Connection's Email Addresses 2017


Editor's Note: This information was created and validated on July 5th, 2017. All steps are accurate and accessible at this date and time. If the steps are no longer accessible at your time of reading, please email us at hello[at]targetrocket.com and we'll update this post. Thanks!

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Differences between On page seo and off page seo

Are You On or Off? The Difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

You may have heard the terms on-page and off-page when referring to search engine optimization but you may have never learned what the difference is between the two. Don’t you want all your optimization on your website’s pages? Isn’t that the whole goal for SEO? Well, not exactly. As important as on-page optimization is, off-page is just as critical if you want to rank your website well. So, what is the difference between the two, you ask? Let’s take a gander!

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Hyperlink LinkedIn Profile to Company Profile

3 Steps – How to Connect your Personal LinkedIn Profile Page to your Public Company Page 2017

How to connect Your Personal LinkedIn Profile with your Employer’s Public LinkedIn Company Page (LinkedIn 2017)

Hey - I'm Corrie with Target Rocket and today we're going to run through three simple steps to connect your personal LinkedIn Profile to a company's public Linkedin Company Page. What this will do is allow your personal LinkedIn Profile to hyperlink to your current (or past) employers allowing you to better grow your Linkedin Network. It also allows people to access your profile through the company LinkedIn page (depending on your privacy settings).

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2017 Marketing Checklist

How to do SEO in 2017

SEO. We have all heard of it, but how do we do it? Specifically - how do you do SEO in the 2017 ever-changing online landscape? We have a list of 2017 SEO questions, facts, and figures that will help you navigate search engine optimization today. Will you shoot to the top of Google after you finish implementing this SEO Checklist? Well, no, but it will get you heading in the right direction (which is up-up and away!).

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