Hyperlink LinkedIn Profile to Company Profile

3 Steps – How to Connect your Personal LinkedIn Profile Page to your Public Company Page 2017

How to connect Your Personal LinkedIn Profile with your Employer’s Public LinkedIn Company Page (LinkedIn 2017)

Hey - I'm Corrie with Target Rocket and today we're going to run through three simple steps to connect your personal LinkedIn Profile to a company's public Linkedin Company Page. What this will do is allow your personal LinkedIn Profile to hyperlink to your current (or past) employers allowing you to better grow your Linkedin Network. It also allows people to access your profile through the company LinkedIn page (depending on your privacy settings).

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2017 Marketing Checklist

How to do SEO in 2017

SEO. We have all heard of it, but how do we do it? Specifically - how do you do SEO in the 2017 ever-changing online landscape? We have a list of 2017 SEO questions, facts, and figures that will help you navigate search engine optimization today. Will you shoot to the top of Google after you finish implementing this SEO Checklist? Well, no, but it will get you heading in the right direction (which is up-up and away!).

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SMM Stands For What? And What SMM Means for Your Business

You may have heard of the acronym SMM or maybe you haven’t... yet. No, SMM doesn’t stand for Send Me Money (but no, seriously - please send me money). It stands for is Social Media Marketing (SMM - see?). You may say, “Hey! I’m on Facebook. - just call me a SMM expert!” Well, not exactly. Social Media Marketing or SMM is the marketing strategy of gaining attention and driving traffic to your brand through various social media platforms.

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Dont Answer Facebook's Concert Question

“10 Concerts I’ve Been To, One is a Lie.”

You may have seen this in your Facebook news feed recently… the ol’ “10 Concerts I've Been To, One is a Lie” status update. Haven't heard of it yet? You probably will, but until then, here's what you've been missing out on. “10 Concerts I've Been To, One is a Lie” is where you post 10 concerts you have been to and put one concert you didn’t attend and have your friends and family take a guess at which one is the false one. Either you hate seeing it clogging up your newsfeed or you actually like to take part in the fun little game- either way, you need to know this.

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Google Smartphone Test

Do Smartphones think Your Website is Dumb?

Nearly 50% of people start their online search with their smartphone.

Have you heard the term "responsive" thrown around when it comes to websites, SEO, and mobile? Responsive means: "reacting quickly and positively," and that's exactly what Google is looking for when it comes to your website loading on smartphones. From Wikipedia "Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at allowing desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen or web browser one is viewing with."

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Target Rocket Woodbridge Charity

Target Rocket teams up with the Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center in Woodbridge

We teamed up with Northern Virginia Family Service (NCFS) which oversees the Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center to bring bagged lunches for the weekend. The Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center, located in Woodbridge, just celebrated its 25 year anniversary. It’s a 30-bed shelter for families that’s open all year around. Hilda Barg has a great line up of people donating their time and resources during the week but finds that they fall short with bagged lunches and breakfast servers for their tenants on the weekends.

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Save Instagram Photos to your Computer

How to Save Instagram Photos to your Desktop

"I just want to save Instagram photos" but it's 2017 and Instagram is constantly updating. It feels like Instagram changes itself more than most people change their sheets (which should be weekly by the way). So how can you save Instagram photos to your desktop? The old school method of "right click > save as" is no longer effective. After an update last year, many Instagram enthusiasts who still own a laptop reported that the functionality that has aided us through so many research projects has now turned its back as the social giant steps up its game. It's been reported that with Instagram's new "save in app" feature, they did away with the manual actions to save to a desktop or laptop computer. Along with the advent of third party repost apps (if you're in the market, check out Regrann) allowing easy reshares, there's definitely plenty of workaround alternatives. 

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LinkedIn Cover Photo Dimensions in Pixels

Everything You Need to Know about the 2017 LinkedIn Cover Photo

Say cheese! Well, somewhat. Introducing the all new LinkedIn Cover Photo. Cover photos, also known as the background photo, used to be something that only Premium LinkedIn account holders could obtain, but not anymore. As of January 2017 LinkedIn has given cover photo access to all users. Here are some things to keep in mind when finding a cover photo.

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How to see why you're being targeted on Facebook

2 Easy Steps to See Why You’re Being Targeted in a Facebook Ad

Ever casually browse Facebook and stumble across an ad in your newsfeed that has nothing to do with your interests? I have - just last week on a coffee break, a video of a girl brushing her teeth with charcoal found its way to my newsfeed. What seemed to be out of a dental horror movie, the video continued through to a 7 day after photo with the same woman sporting a smile so white, the pearly gates would be jealous. A quick glance to the top left corner of the ad showed the tell-tale sign of a lightly written "sponsored" right below the page's profile photo. While I'd like to think my dental hygiene is on point (my dentist, if you're reading this, I definitely flossed yesterday), I don't avidly follow pages associated with dentists or Colgate. So why am I seeing a Facebook ad about charcoal teeth whitening? Has Facebook been analyzing my uploaded photos sporting a teethy grin and decided my Pronamel toothpaste just isn't cutting it?

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