Definition: Google & Facebook Advertising

Often referred to as PPC or pay-per-click meaning you pay only when your ad is clicked (or pay-per-impression: you pay based off of how many thousand people see an ad), the ability to hyper-target ads based off of browsing history and demographic requirements is an ever-growing "secret weapon" of online marketing - especially in service businesses. Would you believe we could create an ad on Facebook that will only be shown to women in their thirties who live in Reston, have 1 child under the age of 5, and own a home they bought less than a year ago? Imagine your carpet cleaning business targeting homeowners who have owned a home in McLean for 10 years and have shown interests in cleaning companies - can you imagine the leads generated from an ad like that? Rather than old school mediums like newspaper ads and Val-packs that take a "shotgun" approach at impressions, ad spend on Google and Facebook allow business owners to track down to the click where their ad dollars are going.

Facebook & Google Advertising through Target Rocket

SEO + Ads = Match made in Lead Generating Heaven. Combining your web with the harnessed power of targeted ads means more targeted leads immediately. Unlike SEO where there's a bit of waiting time as the search engines crawl pages and citations are updated, ads allow you to start getting leads right now. The key is getting the right leads. That's where Target Rocket's Social Ads team assesses your business offerings + your online demographic and combine the two to spend your online dollars most effectively.

What You Get with our Facebook/Google AdWords Management:

  • Online Demographic Profile
  • Ad Creation / Testing
  • Ad Performance Analysis (Monthly)
  • Adwords Keyword Exploration

Our Facebook and Google Ad Management is completely exterior to our SEO package and our SEO + Social package. It's an addition add-on and the final piece in perfectly your local SEO marketing plan. When your website is ranking, your social profiles are reaching, and your ads are converting, your sales team will be sitting pretty. 


Facts & Figures…

Your Business + Target Rocket =

Local SEO is our specialty. We sprinkle our secret sauce across your website to get it in front of customers ready to throw money your way. We do this by running your website through our 12-step program. While the steps are hush-hush, the general idea of what we're doing is:

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At Target Rocket, our soul reason to get up and pour a cup of coffee is to connect paying customers to our clients - you. Through quality lead generation, local SEO, clicks designed to convert, and automation with a touch of personality, Target Rocket's team is dedicated to getting your work phone ringing with quantifiable clients. We create quality, targeted websites outfitted with local SEO knowledge to please the Google gods, and then we monitor, update, and tweak those sites to generate the best quality clients for you. Coupled with supporting online and offline sales funnels, the elusive "social medias," and powerful emails designed to be opened, we are dedicated to building on great results month after month. Your happiness is our #1 priority which makes creating leads our #1 priority as well.

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