Local SEO puts Your Business in Front of Northern Virginia Homeowners.

"Local SEO" is the abbreviation used to describe the actions taken to rank a website locally. SEO is the short version of "search engine optimization" translates to the rules applied to a website to allow it to rank well for certain keywords. When combined with local SEO, these keywords and rules connect local businesses with local clients. An example of the benefits of local SEO vs just SEO is this: "people looking for New York style pizza delivered in Fairfax, Virginia" vs "people looking New York style pizza recipes". While both phrases share similar keywords of "New York style pizza," only the first phrase of "people looking for New York style pizza delivered in Fairfax, Virginia" connects hungry pizza fans to a pizza joint nearby. Defining what these local keywords and phrases are and outfitting a website to rank for them is local SEO. 

Target Rocket and Local SEO

Local SEO is our specialty. We sprinkle our secret sauce across your website to get it in front of customers ready to throw money your way. We do this by running your website through our 12-step program. While the steps are hush-hush, the general idea of what we're doing is:

What Does Local SEO Mean?

Let's start with a website check-up.


Your Business + Target Rocket =

So what does this mean to you? Long story short - it means you've hired out your website's ranking to a company who does this week after week, year after year, making sure their SEO practices are on par with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It means your website is now following a map with the X marketing high ranking positions on the front page of Google for search results that make you money locally. It means that starting today - and well into the future - you've invested in the only marketing that isn't going anywhere but up.

Included in our Local SEO Package…



Our local SEO Mission at Target Rocket is simple. It's to get you and your website ranking above your competition for local, actionable search terms. Whether it be "remodeling companies in Fairfax" to "plumber in Manassas," we're here to make sure you're there when online traffic is looking for your service. We use on-page and off-page local search engine tactics, social media signals and optimization, conversion metrics to convert leads into money, and we do it to seamlessly climb your website up in search engines. We promise that this investment today will pay off long into the future, and we promise that the team here at Target Rocket are the best SEO company in Northern Virginia to get you ranking well.

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