Citations That Tell Search Engines Where, What, When, and Who To Call

If your current SEO hasn't mentioned the phrase 'Citation Management" - you need a new SEO company. Citation management is the key to getting local companies ranking locally. Citations tell search engines that not only are you a local business, but you're a local service provider. Citations are often called directory listings and getting your company listed in quality directories with consistent NAP is challenging but well worth it on the journey to the elusive front page.

Citations and Your Business

If backlinks are the meat, citations are the potatoes. When it comes to online presence in search and social, a well-rounded SEO diet is key for short term and long term success. Quality citation submission and management means better rankings - plain and simple. So why can't you just do it yourself? You could - and then you'll realize like many DIYers that running a business and a quality SEO business under the same roof just isn't feasible. When you hire out your SEO, you hire an entire team focused on you, your business, and your bottom line - and with Target Rocket, your citations are done and done.


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Your Business + Citations =

Keywords mean everything to your online business. Search engines scour pages looking for terms that end users are looking for. A quality keyword analysis will tell you that people aren't looking for 'water mitigation' but rather 'basement flood cleanup' and that people are looking at your review sites before they're looking at your phone number.

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At Target Rocket, we understand the important put on each aspect of SEO - like we said, a well-rounded SEO diet means a healthy online presence for years to come (last we checked, the internet isn't going anywhere anytime soon). With that, we promise to create and manage a healthy diverse citations profile so that search engines and consumers know where to find you and how to contact you - with the added benefit of getting your website up where in needs to be - in front of searchers with intent to buy. We promise to accomplish this and our other local SEO tactics to the best of our abilities month after month. 

Let's get your SEO Journey started with a (free) website check-up.