Local Focused Keywords that Mean Conversions

When it comes to SEO in general, keywords are king. From telling search engines what you're offering to attracting clients to your website - keywords make the world go 'round. Quality keywords make the world go 'round. And that's where we come in. We'll learn your business offering inside and out and combine what you offer with what your to-be clients are looking for and what search engines want to see. It's not easy! Which is why, if you're reading this, you realize that it's nearly impossible to run a business well and run a quality SEO campaign that actually works.

Keywords and You

Bringing local service business websites up in search rankings is our specialty. We accomplish this by creating an extensive, tiered keyword target list combining services with location and then conducting a gap analysis on where you are versus where you competition is killing it. We then start filling in the gaps with keywords backed by backlinks, social triggers, on and off-page optimization, and about a dozen more local SEO tactics to get you above your competitors and in front of your clients. Here's what you get with Target Rocket's keyword analysis:

  • Keyword Exploration
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Target Keyword List
  • Keyword Integration Plan
  • On-Page Keyword Optimization
  • Off-Page Keyword Optimization 
  • Long-Term Keyword Strategy


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Your Business + Keywords =

Keywords mean everything to your online business. Search engines scour pages looking for terms that end users are looking for. A quality keyword analysis will tell you that people aren't looking for 'water mitigation' but rather 'basement flood cleanup' and that people are looking at your review sites before they're looking at your phone number.

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We live and die by our keywords. At Target Rocket, we know that keywords mean the difference between having a website just because you feel like you need to and having a website because it's your number one source of business. We promise to create a list of the most competitive yet rewarding keywords that will land your business in front of clients. SEO companies should be judged by their keyword strategy and we believe we have the best keyword generation strategy out there. We also believe that we're the best people to implement that strategy and bring you and your website long-term SEO success.

Let's get your SEO Journey started with a (free) website check-up.