3 – 5 Minute Videos for under $1,000

Telling your story through the silver screen shouldn't cost you all your silver, at least that's what we think. Target Rocket creates great video in a short amount of time using a multi-camera approach to capture your company's story and broadcast it to the online world.

Using state-of-the-art filming gear (it's really heavy and hard to carry), Team Target Rocket assists businesses who want to have their stories filmed but don't want the cost of a large production company. We blend quality and cost to produce local business videos that you can watch on the tv you didn't have to sell to afford it.

Target Rocket’s Local Business Videos for Northern Virginia Companies.

No guesswork - here's what you get and here's what it costs. Quote-free, as always. Videography isn't rocket science and neither is pricing for video creation. We have a set cost that comes with set expectations so you know exactly what you're getting each and every time.

  • 2 Hours of In-Person Filming
  • 2 Hours of B-Roll (think shots of your office, your team, or your product)
  • Multi-Perspective, High-Quality DLSR Cameras
  • High-Quality External Lav Mics
  • Logo Reveal Sequence
  • Licensed, Professional Audio
  • 3 - 5 Minutes of Finished, Edited Video
  • You get to keep all the files - edited and undedited


Ready for your Close Up? Let's Schedule Your Video Shoot.

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