Definition: Monthly Reporting

Monthly reporting means you know what's going on, what has improved, and where your site can improve. Monthly reporting allows you to understand how your dollars are working for you. When it comes to online marketing, the capabilities of tracking and reporting mean that there's no guess work or wondering if that newspaper ad happened to land in front of a family contemplating a basement remodel. Reporting can include keyword position monitoring, click-through rates, bounce rates, backlink profiling, and more - all detailing where you sit in search engines, social sites, and email marketing depending on your SEO package.

Target Rocket and Local SEO

Local SEO is our specialty. We sprinkle our secret sauce across your website to get it in front of customers ready to throw money your way. We do this by running your website through our 12-step program. While the steps are hush-hush, the general idea of what we're doing is:

  • Keyword Exploration
  • Citations Management / Directory Management
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • NAP Cohesiveness
  • Content Creation 
  • Web Page Buildout
  • Link Profiling

Metrics and Conversion Tracking for Northern Virginia Websites


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Monthly Reporting & Your Business…

Keeping in touch means you know that something's moving. Whereas some SEO companies secret pull out a sum of money each month from your bank account, Team Target Rocket wants you to know what we've been working hard on (who doesn't like to brag, right?). From backlink updates to blog posts, we send you a monthly report on your website's health and where we're headed.

  • Monthly Reporting covering content created, analytics, and next month's plan

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SEO is more than just a company you pay to do some wizardry in the background until you start wondering why you hired them in the first place. At Target Rocket, our SEO goal is to never have to roll on another company in your industry. We want to remind you every month why you made a really awesome decision when it comes to online marketing. Our reporting allows us to brag about what we've been able to accomplish for you over the last 30 days and to let you know what we plan to focus on for the next 30. Our goal is to make you a believer in local search engine optimization and to wonder how you ever lived without it.

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