SMM Stands For What? And What SMM Means for Your Business

You may have heard of the acronym SMM or maybe you haven’t... yet. No, SMM doesn’t stand for Send Me Money (but no, seriously - please send me money). It stands for is Social Media Marketing (SMM - see?). You may say, “Hey! I’m on Facebook. - just call me a SMM expert!” Well, not exactly. Social Media Marketing or SMM is the marketing strategy of gaining attention and driving traffic to your brand through various social media platforms. Such platforms include the big four - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (there are more - oh so many more). Just having a page or account and hoping for the best isn't enough these days. You need a Social Media Marketing strategy to make these platforms actually work for your business. Let’s take a closer look at some of these SMM platforms.

  • Face what?

Facebook started in February of 2004 and currently has 1.86 billion active users each... wait for it… month! Want to guess at how many Facebook business pages there are currently? If you guessed 65 million- you’d be spot on. If you aren’t utilizing Facebook for your business then you are missing out on a big piece of your SMM goals - especially as a local service provider.

  • What’s with the ‘Gram?

In April 2012, social media giant Facebook purchased picture app giant Instagram for a whopping ONE BILLION dollars - which was till then the largest purchase of an app in the history of ever. (WhatsApp - the social messaging app giant was later purchased by Facebook for 19 billion bucks trumping the sale of Instagram). Now your Facebook Ads can translate seamlessly to Instagram. What’s more is that Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms at having 90 million active monthly users in January of 2013 to over 700 million active users today.

  • Pin this!

As of January 2017, Pinterest has over 150 million active users with 70 million from the US alone. Over 80% of users on Pinterest are females pinning an average of 158 pins a day. Pinning is the new winning…. Okay, that was a stretch…. Moving on!

  • Tweet Tweet!

Twitter is another platform that has grown tremendously and has been an asset for any SMM plans. Often in the news for how it can't seem to pull a profit, Twitter is still an amazing platform for businesses to connect directly with their chatty consumers. Active monthly users total to around 317 million. That is a lot of tweeting! And a staggering 80% of those millions of users are active on mobile devices. Did you know that 54% percent of Twitter pull in a yearly income of $50,000? That's income you could be cashing in on.

There are many facets to SMM, the complex world of social media marketing, and how it can grow your business. Figure out where your target demographic fancies itself and establish your brand there - then work your butt off to create a community behind your brand or product.  

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