Here’s What’s Wrong with your Facebook Ads

“My Facebook ads are active, but not delivering. What gives?”

If I had a dollar for every time I saw a Post that asked this question- well, I’d probably have a million dollars (which I’d spend on more Facebook ads). If you have said this or wondered it, you should probably keep reading. You see, Facebook wants two things:

  1. Advertisers to spend money with them 
  2. A great end-user experience

Sounds simple enough, but let’s dive deeeeeper.

Facebook knew that in order for them to make money, they needed to open up the platform to advertisers. After all, they don’t make money off people making Personal Profiles and letting close friends and family can an up-close look at their photographed plates of dinner entrees. The login page even says it; “It’s free and always will be.” Like they say, if it’s free, you’re the product.

*Facebook Advertising and the Facebook Ad Auction enter stage left*

Traditional auctions are pretty basic – whoever bids the highest wins. Easy as that. But how is that fair to the little guys? The guys who don’t have millions of dollars in ad Spend? The little guys who can write some killer ad copy and can nail a creative in their sleep? You can see how this was going to be a problem. Advertisers with the biggest budgets would always win. Low-spending advertisers would never have a chance. It wouldn’t matter what type of content was being shown – bigger bids would always win. Bad content would flood Facebook causing people to spend less time on the platform. That, in turn, reduces the effectiveness of Facebook ads (and Mark Z.’s fat wallet).

Because of Facebook’s fear of losing users and ad revenue, the Facebook auction model is different than a traditional auction – bid and budget aren’t the only factors that influence delivery.

Each ad is assigned what’s called a Total Value Score. If an ad’s Total Value Score is high, your ad will be shown more often and at a lower cost. A low Total Value Score is a major reason why your ads aren’t showing, or why costs are high.
There are three factors that influence your Total Value Score:

  1. Bid amount
  2. Ad quality and relevance
  3. Estimated action rates

Bid amount is how much you are willing to pay for people to see your specific ads. (I will cover types of bids in another Post if enough people are interested in hearing it)

With ad quality and relevance, Facebook wants to show ads that people will like. Delivering relevant and quality content is dynamic to Facebook’s growth. If we HAVE to be advertised to, at least make it something we are interested in. Can I get an “Amen”?

Ad quality and relevance are broken down into three main parts:

  1. Advertising Account History
  2. Negative Feedback
  3. Relevance Score

Advertising Account History – Each Facebook profile includes relevant information about your ad account’s effectiveness – in other words, the past performance of your ad account and pixel matters a lot. Low interest in your ads means Facebook will increase the cost to serve your ads. This past performance is included in the calculation of Facebook’s Total Value score.

Negative Feedback – People give negative feedback through ads by hiding or choosing not to see ads from you (it definitely hurts the feels when you see it- but it is a good indicator that your targeting might be off or your ads are spammy)

Relevance Score – Relevance Score is a score you get after your ad has reached at least 500 people. The more positive interactions, the higher the relevancy score.

Estimated action rate is a measure of how likely a person is to take actions required to get the results you’re optimizing for. So how likely is that person going to download your free e-book or sign up for that webinar to buy that shirt? (You get where I am going with this)

I know I know, get to the point.

Facebook has a lot of real estate that advertisers can bid on. Just because your ad is active, does not mean you “won” the auction and you will now reach a billion people and everyone is going to buy your stuff and you and Mark Z will be best friends. Facebook wants to take your money and they will do their best to do just that, but you might not have a great ad creative or your targeting may be off and Facebook can only do so much with what you give them.

In closing, their main goal is to keep people on Facebook. If your ads can help the cause- you will reach more people in your target audience. If it can’t- well, “My Facebook Ads are active, but not delivering. What gives?”

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