Definition: Social Media Management

According to, "a social media manager is the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation."  But I can do that myself, you think. And you can - but not as effectively as a social media manager. Our SMM are dedicated to studying your social profiles and designing a plan to get your social presence the biggest reach by studying content, times, analytics, and much more that business owners actually running businesses just don't have time to do. From best times to post to the best content to post, our social media management lets you sit back while the internet (and Target Rocket) works for you.

Target Rocket’s Social Media Management

Let's break down exactly what you get with Target Rocket's Social Package Add-On. We provide the option of Social Media Management to our SEO clients because to get the full benefits of social reach, your web presence must be on par. Once we have your website converting leads, the second portion of social leads opens another door to online lead generation. Here's what you get with Target Rocket:

  • Social Profiling - a detailed report on the best use of your Social Profiles
  • 3 Weekly Target Rocket Designed Postings
  • 2 Additional Blog Posts per month
  • Social Profile Optimization
  • Social Management for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter
  • Native Postings across All Platforms
  • Social Responses to Client Outreach
  • Social Reputation Management


Check out our Package 2 for Social Management or Shoot us an Email if You've Got Questions.

Facts & Figures…

Target Rocket + Social Media =

Your Social profiles should be making you money. Target Rocket's Social Media Managers are dedicated to that goal - bringing in social leads through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. By outfitting your social profiles with fresh, targeted content, you not only build social trust, but you also invest in branding. Working with Target Rocket will allow your social profiles to work 24-7, even when you're off the clock.

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At Target Rocket, our soul reason to get up and pour a cup of coffee is to connect paying customers to our clients - you. Through quality lead generation, local SEO, clicks designed to convert, and automation with a touch of personality, Target Rocket's team is dedicated to getting your work phone ringing with quantifiable clients. We create quality, targeted websites outfitted with local SEO knowledge to please the Google gods, and then we monitor, update, and tweak those sites to generate the best quality clients for you. Coupled with supporting online and offline sales funnels, the elusive "social medias," and powerful emails designed to be opened, we are dedicated to building on great results month after month. Your happiness is our #1 priority which makes creating leads our #1 priority as well.

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