Pricing Plans for

Social Media Marketing

Getting a handle on social media marketing can really help convert would-be customers into long-term clients. From growing your social reach to helping client research, social media is the newest form of relationship marketing – and we’re here to handle 100% of it for you.

1 Post Per Week
No Contract
Inbox Management
Comment Replies
1 Branding Redesign
Simple Content Creation

you won’t pay yet, it’s just information gathering.

Best Value
3 Posts Per Week
Cross Posting
Inbox Management
Comment Replies
Review Management
Quarterly Branding Redesign
Content Creation
Monthy Reporting
Instagram Posting
1 Video - $1k Value
Discounted Facebook Ads

you won’t pay yet, it’s just information gathering.

2 Posts Per Week
No Contract
Cross Posting
Inbox Management
Comment Replies
Review Management
Bi-Yearly Branding Redesign
Content Creation

you won’t pay yet, it’s just information gathering.



What does "cross posting" mean?

We post to Facebook and cross-post natively (that means it doesn’t look like we shared a link to Twitter – it looks like we actually posted to Twitter) to the other major social applications. We cross-post to LinkedIn, Twitter, and for videos, Youtube. This means you reach your clients across all social networks. Note – Instagram management is only including in certain packages.

What is Inbox Management?

If it hits your Facebook or Instagram messages, we manage them for you. This means we respond where we can, and if something needs to be escalated to a member of your team, we forward it along to the appropriate party. Our response rates are quick so no clients is left unheard or unresponded to by an actual human.

How do you manage comment replies?

Comments are an awesome way to increase organic growth of your page’s posts, so when we can reply to your client’s comments, we do as quickly as possible answering questions, thanking for support, or sending them to your website.

What does review management include?

With the advent of social media, we’re now seeing the ability for clients to leave reviews and recommendations on social platforms like Facebook and Google. We reply to positive reviews and share them to your page to encourage other people to buy from you. If the review is bad, your team is immediately notified and we work together to come up with a strategy to handle this review so that the clients feels heard but the business is seen in the best light.

What does the branding redesign include?

Across social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter, you’re given the opportunity to create graphics as both a logo, cover image, and sometimes a featured image. We use these tools to keep your social brand looking fresh and up-to-date with your industry trends. An updated brand lets your clients know your there, listening, and working to give them the best experience possible.

How do you handle the content creation?

Each brand and business is unique. Once we’ve completed your social strategy plan, we use both the client’s images, past reviews, stock photos, and products photos to craft compelling content that gets your end user to hit that coveted “like” button – and if we’re lucky, maybe even the share button.

How is reporting handled?

You’ll receive an automated report monthly if you choose our “Best Value” package. This report will let you look over your Facebook page’s growth, reach, and likes so you know what’s working and what’s not.

Why don't your cheaper packages include cross-posting to Instagram?

Instagram is a little bit more intense to manage cross-posting to. Facebook makes it difficult to cross-post easily, so we employ paid third-party application to post your content to the mobile-only platform.

Tell me about the included video.

With our “Best Value” package, a complimentary 3-minute video is included. We typically charge businesses $1,000 for videography, so this really sweetens the deal! The video can feature an “about us” of your company, a new product, or a happy client testimonial. The video offer expires within 3 months of your start with our team, so definitely follow through on this!

What does discounted Facebook ads mean?

We offer Facebook Ads Management as a separate service to our Social Media Management; however, for our “Best Value” SMM clients, we’ll reduce the cost of Facebook Ads Management by $250. Our Facebook Ads packages start between $500 – $750 when your adspend is under $5,000. For adspend over $5,000, we also add a 3% of adspend to our management fee.

What are your contract terms?

For our Intro and Pro packages, there are no contract terms – you are month-to-month and can cancel at any time. Our Best Value package requires a 3-month contract after which your plan becomes month-to-month and you may cancel at any time. This is due to the included videography offer for our Best Value package.

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