Feel a constant struggle with managing your online social profiles? We’re here to fix that. Working with Target Rocket will assist your social media marketing in the following ways:

  • Fresh, inspiring content is posted weekly to let your fans know about promotions, positive reviews, and industry info.
  • Comments are replied to almost immediately increasing reach and upping that engagement rate.
  • Inbox? Managed. We reply where possible and if something stumps our team, you get an email immediately.

Probably the number one most requested service we offer, social media management handles all of your social profiles from Facebook to LinkedIn, with content created by our team that fits your company message, vibe, and overall branding.

Facebook Ads Company
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3 Packages
Social media that fits your company and your budget. We offer 3 differently priced packages.
Design Team
We create, manage, and update your graphics keeping your branding fresh with a focus on engaging content.
Reporting & Analysis
Each month, we reassess your social reach, see what's working, and cut out what's not.

How We Work

Facebook ads management marries eye-catching content to funnel strategy turning paid clicks into paying clients. We work with you to determine a budget, strategy and workflow and then we get to testing, retargeting, and tweaking.

Facebook Ads Work.

Numbers don’t lie. And Facebook is certain a pay-to-play platform now. Read these case studies to see just how effective Facebook ads can be.

Local Boutique
Read this quick case study on how a local boutique used Facebook ads to tell thousands about their new shop.
About Town
The mission - reach thousands. The goal? Page monetization. The execution? Facebook ads.

Here's our Pricing.

You know what we offer, now see what fits your budget and style.

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    “Now, about 5 months later, I could not be happier. I have handed Target Rocket the keys to both my businesses and they completely run my online presence.”
    The Bee Store | Lake Ridge, VA
    “If you are at all on the fence about who to go with for your website and social media accounts- definitely ask to see their past work. It will blow you away.”
    Sufyan Cultrera